I am using putty for remote login in Linux in Ubuntu. The font size of terminal is very small. How can I increase it's font size.


Did you search at all? The following two links seem to explain it.



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    This is a terrible answer... 1 of the links is now dead, and the other doesn't change the font (or size). The answer from Ciro is the one you're looking for; as the configuration is just quite well hidden – UKMonkey May 20 at 12:22
  • Well, now this is the answer shows up first when people google the issue. Would appreciate it if you could summarize the content of the links. – jaamor Jul 16 at 17:56

I wish I could go even smaller a bit, but it is already a huge improvement.

Tested on Putty 0.70, Windows 10 local, Ubuntu 16.04 remote.

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