I can check why a package is (to be) installed using the command:

aptitude why <package-name>

I like to manage packages using Aptitude TUI (aka ncurses), i.e. running:


Is there any way to show the information of aptitude why from within this interface?


Launch aptitude in interactive mode.

When you are displaying the information of a package in aptitude's interactive mode, you can press the I key to switch between Description, Related Dependencies and Why Installed in the information panel.

You can make this more obvious if you enable displaying tabs in the information panel:

Hit Ctrl+T to activate the menu, navigate to the Options menu and select Preferences.

Search for this option:

[ ] Display tabs for the information area

Activate it by pressing Enter or Space when it is selected. It will get checked ([X] ...).

Hit Q to close the options tab.

enter image description here


If you start aptitude in its gui (with ncurses) you can browse packages. While you're on a package name, hit I and see information in the status bar. Hit I until you are shown something like

i     kubuntu-desktop Depends anacron


unable to find a reason to install <package-name>

That's the aptitude why

Here is a screenshot

aptitude why

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