I had a libre document that autosaved when my computer shut off unexpectedly. Later someone exited from it and hit don't save. I checked the backup folder located in .config/libreoffice/4/user/backup and it wasnt there.

How do I disable Trim so that I have a shot at recovering this? Is there a chance that for some odd reason files deleted there wouldn't be wiped by Trim? Even though Trim is done weekly, is the weekly wipe complete, or is there a chance it won't be wiped completely until the next week?


I don't think trim is enabled by default to enable it add the discard option in fstab to use the fstrim command

I just looked it up it seems to be default for only intel and samsung SSDs on my system this is noted in /etc/cron.weekly/fstrim After reading /sbin/fstrim-all it works on more that just those 2 brands Patriot, SanDisk, and OCZ also get it buy default

in 16.04 there is no longer a /sin/fstrim-all script so I cant be sure what brands it will trim, but trim is still called weekly

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