I have a few question's regarding the Ubuntu Installation Process. I am planning on installing Ubuntu 16.04 since it's a LTS version. Here is the spec. -I have a AMD processor since 2012 tower. -64 bit processor -500 GB of Free Data Individual Hard Drive -3 to 4 gigabytes of RAM! -I do not have a graphic's card, but what would you advice! -Dell

What would you advice for installation and what about the / partition, home partition and a swap partition. I am having the roughest time for this part of the installation since it is the most important part of Ubuntu Linux

Thank You Ronald D. Marlow III


I would say:

  • 30 GB for /
  • 20 GB for /swap (depending really on what you are going to do; for me you have not enough RAM)
  • 450 GB for /home (or whatever is left, I'm rounding the values so you get the idea)

You can play with the size of / depending on the amount of software you are going to install.

For me, the formula boils down to: 30 GB for /, 16 GB for /swap (I have 16 GB RAM, so /swap is rarely used, but I like to have it like that!)...the rest for /home.

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