Hello and thanks ahead for reading. I downloaded Deluge on my new Ubuntu 16.04 system running Firefox v48.0 . I downloaded Deluge and can run it if I search for it using the launcher.

I'm trying to open a magnet torrent download link and am getting the "Launch Application" pop up saying:

This link needs to be opened with an application.

Send to:

and I see


as my highlighted option and with

Choose an Application__________[Choose...]

I cannot find any appropriate Deluge program in my directories when I click the "Choose" button. I also checked "/myUser/bin/" for it and there is no "deluge" in it as per:

How to open magnet links from firefox with deluge

Can I either find the correct program file to select when this option occurs or preset the default on my system to always launch Deluge every time I click a download link?

Thanks again ahead of time.

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Use the following command to help you find the right executable:

sudo find / -iname \*deluge\*

Then you should be able to find the correct executable from the "Choose" box.


Another way of doing that:

In a terminal, enter

 which deluge

That should show you the path to the executable that would be used to open deluge from the terminal.

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