I used sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ because someone in this forum said

"This will install Apache, MySQL, PHP and also configure it for you. All you need to supply is a password for MySQL and you'll have a running local webserver in a manner of minutes."

During the LAMP Server installation I was asked to create an MySQL Root User Password. At this point how do I know if everything installed and is configured properly ?

What I would like to do next is install Drupal 8 so that I can begin building a site offline for the purposes of a project.

Pls let me know your thoughts.

Thank you !


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Assuming you have followed the steps properly installing LAMP stack. To make things simpler and easy, you can check the service status.

For Apache:

sudo service apache2 status

for PHP

php -v

will print all the required information with php version. If you need more, you can simply even create info.php page along with below information, while placing it on the server root.




As for MySQL, you can check with;

sudo netstat -tap | grep mysql

Installing Drupal should be straight forward as installing other framework such as wordpress, Joomla... etc. However you need to refer to a document on installing drupal and place them right at the root of where apache's httpd.conf points to.

Hope this helps!

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