I am following this tutorial of Heroku. I installed foreman with

sudo gem install foreman

but when I try to use this in the terminal with command


this returns

foreman: command not found

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I would check where gem installs executables into and add that directory to your PATH.


Just got the same error: foreman command not found.
I managed to succeed removing my gem with:

sudo gem uninstall foreman

And re-install it back with rvm.

rvm gem install foreman

Good luck!

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    This gave me the clue for getting it to work with rbenv: gem install foreman; rbenv rehash
    – B Seven
    Sep 21, 2012 at 18:19
  • Please note that rvm gem ... was removed, try gem install foreman or rvm all do gem install foreman instead. Nov 4, 2019 at 22:14
gem install foreman 

was all I needed to do

However, when I followed the deb instructions on this page: http://theforeman.org/projects/foreman/wiki/Installation_instructions I had lots of issues...Eventually, I completely uninstalled before running gem install foreman. Then it worked like a charm.


You haven't given quite enough information for the problem to be properly diagnosed. (Eg, give a link to the tutorial, indicate if you tested foreman by itself, and tell us what "this" is, ie what command you entered or selected.)

If the install appeared to be ok, and if which foreman reports a reasonable path to foreman, and if the invocation that failed is in a non-interactive shell, then the usual problem is a different $PATH value in that shell, and the usual solution is to specify a fully-qualified path.


I agree with the accepted answer that the issue might be with PATH.

If you run rbenv put this to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile:

export PATH="$PATH:~/.rbenv/shims”

Then source the file and check for foreman: which foreman.

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