I use df -h find 17G used. However I use ncdu / to find which directory holding disk usage, show me only 5.5G used. What's wrong with this?

df -h screenshot:

"df -h" screenshot

ncdu / screenshot:

"ncdu /" screenshot

[Edit 2016.09.05]

It is resolved. I should use 'sudo ncdu /', then I found the usage is match for df -h usage.


This should work

In a terminal type:

 sudo du -BM -s /*

This will give a summary of disk usage in each directory and file in the root directory, in megabytes.

You need sudo because you want to read all the files.

There is also a man page for du.

  • It is resolved. Inspired by your command . I should use 'sudo ncdu /', then i found the usage is match to df -h usage. Thank you. – Basten Gao Sep 5 '16 at 2:14

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