My problem is very simple : with my previous laptop I was able to play music even if the laptop was closed. Now I changed and everytime I'm closing it, the music turn off few seconds after. It is possible to fix it ? I tried to go to "Brightness and Lock" but nothing I tried work. Many thanks in advance !

Edit : I tried HandleLidSwitch=ignore, IgnoreLid=true, dconf and it didn't work. Also I tried the Power setting but I don't have any lid option on it : enter image description here


The comment to your question has a link recommending using systemd's #HandleLidSwitch=suspend feature. However on my system (Ubuntu 16.04) this feature was disabled by the # at the beginning of the line. Ubuntu was handling Lid Close operations directly and circumventing systemd.

When you went into "Settings" you went to the "Brightness & Lock" screen but if you go to the "Power" screen instead you will see this:

Power do nothing on lid close

As in the screen above, set When the lid is closed to Do Nothing and that is exactly what Ubuntu does when you close the lid, ie your music continues playing as desired.

  • Thanks for your answer ! I tried HandleLidSwitch=ignore, IgnoreLid=true and it didn't work. I'm also on 16.04. My power setting is less complete than yours and I don't have the lid option (I edited my question). Also dconf didn't work. If you have any other ideas ... ^^ – Nicolas Hemelsoet Aug 31 '16 at 6:13
  • @N.H. You can answer your own question if you found a solution. – mchid Aug 25 '17 at 2:24

You can achieve it by installing gnome-tweak-tool. Once installed just go to power and turn off suspend when laptop lid is closed.

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