I am going to work with mega software for Ubuntu linux. Mega software manual, quick-start tuturial has been copied to /usr/share/megacc along with example data files and a chm file containing the help documentation for the GUI version of mega. I need to use them.

But, when I open terminal in folder where I installed mega and write /usr/share/megacc the answer shown to me is

bash: /usr/share/megacc: is a directory

I don't know how to solve this problem. Please help me.

Note: MegaSoftware is a software for analyzing DNA and protein sequence data from species and populations

  • What are you trying to do, exactly? a directory name is not a command, if you want to change to the directory, use cd /usr/share/megacc. If you want to do something else, edit your question to clearly state what. – steeldriver Aug 30 '16 at 17:38
  • Your question has been reopened and answered. Check if that works – Anwar Aug 31 '16 at 20:04

/usr/share/megacc is a directory, not a command. That's why you can't run it. But, you can go to that directory with the command

cd /usr/share/megacc 

or just using

nautilus /usr/share/megacc 

command in a terminal.

If you want to open the chm file there, you need to first install a chm reader. xchm is a good option. Install it with

sudo apt install xchm

The help chm file's name is Mega7.chm. If you want to read that manual, you need to do

xchm /usr/share/megacc/Mega7.chm

There are pdf documents and examples sets. Since you're going to use it, I recommend linking them in your home directory. You can do so by using these command in a terminal

ln -s /usr/share/megacc/Mega7.chm ~/
ln -s /usr/share/megacc/Examples ~/
ln -s /usr/share/megacc/MEGA7-CC-User-Manual.pdf ~/

Hope that helps.

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