I tried compizconfig-settings-manager and dconf-editor to change respectively Window Management>Move Window and org>gnome>desktop>wm>preferences>mouse-button-modifier to Super and Alt instead of Alt. Someone mentioned also, that there should be some Layout>Options in Settings Manager>Windows but I got only things that on the image. Non of which has any option to change Alt+click behaviour:

View of settings menu:

view of settings menu

Please help if You know the solution.


I found the answer to my question on XFCE forums by vineel567:

Type xfce4-settings-manager in terminal and then click 'settings editor'. Then to the left click xfwm4 channel then in the right pane change the value of easy_click from <alt> to 'nothing'.

It of course works. Sorry for being stupid and not checking what DE I have before trying to change its settings.

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