I'm starting with tmux and i'm with some difficulties. I searched and didn't find anything that helped.

When I open VIM in a tmux's session, the shift + hjkl doesn't work. I searched for a solution and found one that said to me to remap the command. So, i remaped with ctrl.

map OC <Right>
map OD <Left>
map [C <S-Right>
map [D <S-Left>
map OB <Down>
map [B <S-Down>
map OA <Up>
map [A <S-Up>

But now I found a thing rather annoying. When I use ctrl + arrows, vim changes back to visual mode, that makes me to have to change back to insert mode. Are there another solution for this problem?

  • This might sounds kinda noob but, what does shift + hjkl does? Cause if it's navigating at farther paces why not using the equivalents? like Ctrl + D / Ctrl + U / $ and ^? Still though, i don't know what shift + hjkl does, please explain. tmux -V will help to clarify more too. – ArchNoob Nov 28 '16 at 7:19

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