I want to create a user account on my Ubuntu server, that just has permission to be accessed by ssh, read the attributes of a few files, and nothing else.

I've created a new non-sudo account, but my experience with Ubuntu is limited. What's the best way of creating a locked down account like this?

  • If you restrict the access only to public key authentication, you may further restrict the possibilites of the account by editing ~/.ssh/authorized_keys (see man sshd for further information). If this is an option, I could try to assist in realization. – ridgy Aug 30 '16 at 12:03

Account Permissions should be custom to each machine and scenario. I recommend reading into these man pages to create your own level of account permissions. To do so run each commands manual page proceed the command with man as in this style:

man users


man groupadd

I recommend groups which uses these commands: groups groupadd groupdel groupmod

I also recommend checking into user commands: users useradd userdel and usermod

There is also the change commands: chmod chown chgrp

Utilize their man pages to create custom account permissions. Good Luck!

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