I have an NVidia GTX 960 (edit: also tried a Quadro M4000) on a fresh Ubuntu 16.04.1 install. The rendering performance is pretty terrible, see stuttering video.

It looks to me like it has a really hard time context switching. When I have multiple windows open, it takes a second or two to get focus into a new window. I didn't have any of these problems with my previous Iris Pro graphics computer in 4k, so not sure why a several hundred dollar video card can't keep up.

I can't be the only one trying to do this, anyone have it working? I am currerntly on the nvidia-370 graphics drivers, but I've tried everything down to 35X-something.

Relevant Logs:

Additional Info

Turning off vsync on both compiz and nvidia, as well as completely disabling chrome GPU functions has made it more usable.

If I open up something else that is GPU bound, like a Steam game, the performance goes right to crap again. Really looks like its related to GPU context switching performance being atrocious.

Performance has gotten much better adding these to my /etc/profile:

export __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK=0
export __GL_YIELD="USLEEP"

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Under the related links this post reports the card is working with ubuntu one year ago. Are you sure the nvidia driver is picked? Check your Xorg.log

You also could have a look at this other post that details how to enforce correct manual install of nvidia drivers, and reports correct 4k performance with you card.

Anyway, I have a 4k screen running smoothly on GeForce GTX 750 - just answered your question because no-one else seemed to.

  • I suspect he has the Nvidia driver selected. I'm seeing the exact same symptoms with Nvidia Quattro @ 4K on the 375 driver. May 7, 2017 at 1:35

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