I recently went through the process of joining an Ubuntu Desktop VM to a Windows Active Directory domain. I believe I have joined the domain properly as my AD server recognizes the Ubuntu client within the domain. On Ubuntu, I am able to login via Windows Domain credentials and when I attempt to rejoin the domain it indicates that I already have joined.

My question is, if I have indeed successfully joined the Windows Domain, why is it that on my Ubuntu client, when I run the command domainname or dnsdomainname, I get respectively (none) and dev.local, instead of the domain of my Windows Domain (CCDC.COM)?

The reason for the question is I am attempting to turn this into a local DNS server for my virtual lab environment, and this often requires my FQDN for configuration. Currently my FQDN would be ubuntu.dev.local when I believe it should be ubuntu.CCDC.COM. Is this correct or should I be using ubuntu.dev.local as my FQDN for my Ubuntu DNS server for this local subnet?

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