Alright, forgive me but I just started using linux yesterday and am having a hell of a time trying to set it up how I want.

I need a folder on my second hard drive to be able to be read/written to by anyone, but for whatever reason the permissions would revert as soon as I tried to set them. Frustrated, I blindly tried to use the ntfs configuration tool thinking it would do what I want but it ended up just locking me out of everything and changing the owner to root (which I cannot set back even after trying to delete the fstab entries)

So my questions are

  1. How do I change back what ntfs-config did so I can be the owner of my own drive again?

  2. How can I set my ntfs partition as completely read-writable by anyone when chmod and chown fail me?

Thanks for any help.

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Undo ntfs-config's changes

ntfs-config saves backup of your previous fstab file with name fstab-ntfs-config-save. So, to revert the entries, you need to use this command in terminal

sudo mv /etc/fstab-ntfs-config-save /etc/fstab

Mounting NTFS with read/write permission

By default, Ubuntu allow you to mount ntfs with read/write permission. That should be enough. If you want to automount it during login check this question Automatically mount NTFS drive when I login (Disclaimer: There is an answer from me)

Also note that, if you already mounted a partition as for example say, User1 you can't mount it again using User2. You need to first unmount it using User1 then User2 can mount it.

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