I am thinking of wanting to get an idea about how my system is running over a 24 hour period or maybe 48 hours. It would be desirable to see if there is any period where the cpu and memory resources were being used at close to 100%. Disk thrashing would be another area of concern too. That would show when I don't have enough memory and so it becomes necessary to heavily use the disk swap file area. I don't know if it is possible to see heavy use of RAM, as opposed to processor cache vs. the situation where there just isn't enough memory. As an example, I can see times when disk usage is at 100%. Now, that does not mean that my disk is full. I think, I was actually seeing that on a system where I was running Windows. It was showing disk usage at 100%, and it did not mean that the disk was full.

Does anyone know of a product or application that would show this kind of information? I know about top and htop. They don't seem to show any kind of output over an extended period of time. I guess I am talking about those times, when for example, features available on AWS would cause an extra server or two to spin up temporarily.

I have a system where that is not an option. Thanks in advance for any tips. Bruce


You can use sysstat and sar commands for extract and analyse stats on your computer over the time.

Here a good tutorial to do what you want: http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2011/03/sar-examples/


Can't comment on the other answer so I'm re-answering; but the package is actually sysstat, with three total "s" characters. You can install with:

sudo apt-get install sysstat

And I personally prefer this tutorial:


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