I installed Eclipse via command apt-get install eclipse.

This command completed correctly.

After this, I run Eclipse and add some configurations: Added a new URL for "Available Software Sites".

On the next step, I try removed Eclipse via apt-get remove eclipse and install eclipse again.

And here I see a surprise: in the newly installed Eclipse, I see my old URL for "Available Software Sites".

So, I guess, that the configuration file(s) is not removed.

After this I tried different commands: something like this:

sudo dpkg -r eclipse
sudo apt-get --purge remove eclipse
sudo apt-get autoremove

But after I again install Eclipse I see my URL.

How I can fully remove Eclipse along with its configuration files?


Your personal configuration files are stored in your home directory.

Check ~/.eclipse/ or ~/.config/eclipse/

Note, these are hidden directories (Ctrl+H in Nautilus to show, or ls -la).

  • Thanks. But, how to remove eclipse from here too? – Shachi Sep 6 '17 at 6:41

To get rid of old configurations and options, delete the .eclipse directory from your home directory. You can do this with the help of following command:

rm -rf ~/.eclipse

This is a pretty normal behaviour because in this case all the settings belong to a personal profile and not to the application itself; also at the first boot you were asked for the workspace location and there you can locate your files, and that path is used by Eclipse to retrieve your settings.

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