I understand that httpd.conf is no longer available in Apache at /etc/apache2. A fix is that I could create a httpd.conf file as detailed here and point my apache2.conf to it.

But browsing through the apache2.conf, I noticed this:

# Include the virtual host configurations:
IncludeOptional sites-enabled/*.conf

Does this mean that I can safely add my .htaccess configs to my .conf file at /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/mysite.com.conf ?

Adding server configs to .htaccess can slow things down, especially when you add a bunch of them as shown here, and I want to make sure I'm adding them in the most prudent location.

  • If Apache 2 is setup to use VirtualHosting then you put the .htacess file in the root directory of each host. There's no need to add any conf files... – eyoung100 Aug 27 '16 at 20:12
  • Yes, I understand this. But I also have read that having a bunch of configure in .htaccess can slow down page delivery time? So, my goal was to move these settings to a location where it would not have this effect - basically closer to the core of Apache. – Vaughn D. Taylor Aug 28 '16 at 15:20

You should create a .conf file for your site in /etc/apache2/conf-available/ and put there all your server settings that you don't want in .htaccess. Then enable that config using a2enconf (which will create a symlink in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled.

See /usr/share/doc/apache2/README.Debian.gz for more about how the Apache configuration is handled in Debian and its derivatives like Ubuntu.

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