I've read through bunch of similar questions and I had issue of "Out of range" while installing Ubuntu 16.04 a month or 2 back. I resolved that by starting with on-board graphics then installing Nvidia proprietary drivers (Just adding info here to avoid confusion).

Anyways yeaterday I updated bunch of packages (not sure what all, I just said install for everything available), I rebooted computer and after selecting Ubuntu it goes through boot-up process. But at login screen my monitor starts flickering (doesn't show login menu). I've tried nomodeset and GFX_MODE. I've even tried with on board graphics with same results.

I would like to know what is causing the issue or how can I debug or what other information I can provide.

I'm looking at Xorg.0.log and here are few lines (typing them since I can't copy and paste, please excuse me if I make mistakes)

(EE) NVIDIA (0): Failed to initialize the GLX module; please check in
your X log file that the GLX module has been loaded in your X server, 
and that the modle is the NVIDIA GLX module. If you continue to 
encounter problems, please try reinstalling the NVIDIA driver.

So I think I'll need to re-install drivers but how? How do I get console instead of GUI? (nomodeset doesn't work)

[EDIT2] ok so I connected On-board graphics and used ctrl + alt + f1, somehow managed to login (I say somehow because gdm3 is continuously trying to invoke again). After that issued service gdm3 stop. I'll try to install new nvidia drivers and connect card again to see how that works.


After connecting on-board graphics I used nomodeset and then ctrl + alt + f1 to drop to command line followed by service gdm3 stop (until I stop GDM3 console is pretty much useless, GDM keeps retrying and resetting console, maybe next time I'll try ssh)

I couldn't install NVIDIA drivers since card was not plugged in, however I guess that fixed issue. Plugged in my card to try and install drivers instead it just worked.

I don't understand exactly what or how it got fixed but I would very much like to know the reasons and solution if possible.

Keeping question open for proper answer.

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