The German decimal mark standard is a comma (e.g. 1.400,50 one-thousand-fourhundred-euro-and-fifty-cent).

Most apps use the US standard period. Is there a way to quickly switch the comma to a period on the numeric keypad (and back)?

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In Ubuntu 18.04 I couldn't find any appropriate option in "standard" settings (neither in Devices -> Keyboard, nor in Region & Language).

The "clickable" solution I found uses gnome-tweak-tool that I had previously installed for other reasons: sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool

To run the tool hit Win button and type Tweaks.

In the app in Keyboard & Mouse tab click Additional Layout Options and open the Numeric keypad Delete behavior section. Multiple of the available options there worked for me (I have selected Four-level key with dot as my default).

The nice thing with this solution is that the change is applied instantly as you select the option (no need to click apply or anything). This might be useful if you need to change temporarily to do something and go back to default - just leave the app open do your thing and click back when you are done.


There is an implemented option for kpdl(dot):

setxkbmap de -option kpdl:dot

for permanent changes add the option to /etc/default/keyboard




This way it will be independent from your xkb-data and save on upgrade.


One way is to create a custom keyboard layout.

In /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/de, add this:

partial alphanumeric_keys
xkb_symbols "dot" {
    include "de(basic)"
    include "kpdl(dot)"
    name[Group1]="German (dot as decimal separator)";

In /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/evdev.xml, add this:

            <description>German (dot as decimal separator)</description>

After next reboot you'll be able to add the German (dot as decimal separator) layout and then switch easily between that layout and German.


Here are some ways to change it. In may case it works with Keyboard settings > Layout > Options. There is option for numeric Del button. Found myself easy.

Other way with xmodmap. I don't like it.

Both ways are here from awesome guys: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1377642

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