I have installed ubuntu by follow this guide

How to install Ubuntu on Meizu Pro 5 that was originally with Android?

or to be more correct, mixed with this

I was able to install ubuntu OTA11 using this tutorial. I did not read the articles from (4.) here is what I did: 1. unlock using xda links 1-3, press home-power-down for recovery mode TWRP 2. copied via USB all ubuntu OTA-11 files to TWRP folder. 3. Installed everything as said 4. unpacked not using tar -vxf but just tar -xf /sdcard/TWRP/... (10x times faster), reboot! – grandrew Jun 28 at 20:50`

Now I have ota-11, but I would of course like to update, and as it says here, it's possible

For those interested in OTA updates - in this method you should do it manually. Ubuntu will download OTA files to /cache/recovery. You need to manually unpack them. After you tap "install and reboot" in ubuntu updater - system will boot into custom loader. Mount system and unpack new files using tar as said in main post using advanced->terminal. – grandrew Aug 2 at 10:29`

I checked /cache/recovery after I tapped "install and reboot" ,and it was quit a lot of files there.

I am little bit unsure which files I should "tar".

  1. Can I cd to recovery and "tar" there, does it work like that?
  2. It is also tar.xz.asc and tar.xz files there, but I guess tar.xz.asc is some kind of signatur. So if I have understood it correctly, the only files I "tar" in recovery is the tar.xz
  3. Do I only "tar" the 4 as in the guide or do I include image-master.tar.xz and image-signing.tar.xz? If that is the case, in which order do I "tar" them?
  4. It's also some more files there, ubuntu_command, .version, last_log, log, recovery.fstab, storage.fstab Can I ignore them?
  5. When I am done (however it's going to work) can I wipe cache?

I now it was a lot of question, but if it works, at least I have understood a little bit more about the Ubuntu phone and maybe I don't brick it yet :-)

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I can confirm that updating via TWRP terminal works just fine. I have done myself on my Pro5. Just do exactly as you did when installing and only those 4 files. The system will be updated and all data will be kept intact. When finished you can wipe the cache. No need to worry about bricking the phone, not this way at least:-)

  • I solved it different, by following the steps I did here forum.xda-developers.com/… so after I flashed with sudo fastboot flash recovery recovery.img I'm able to upgrade over OTA Sep 2, 2016 at 16:25
  • I was to slow to edit the comment. Thanks for the info, it's good to now how to do it manually. Sep 2, 2016 at 16:33
  • What exactly did you do to manage make OTA upgrades work? Do you have 32GB 3GB Ram phone or 64GB 4GB Ram version? Because I have tried everything possible to make it work and nothing. Adb recognise the device, recovery can be flashed and once the OTA downloads, it reboot and a second after fails. It's driving me crazy this failure.
    – Stef01
    Sep 2, 2016 at 20:03
  • I have the 64GB and 4GB Ram version. I think the only difference I did compared to you (I'm assuming) is step 6-8 in this link forum.xda-developers.com/… Sep 3, 2016 at 17:51
  • And where is the backup from that you have restored? Should I restore my phone with TWRP? But I don't have a backup from Pleytos TWRPBACKUPmeizu5pro UBUNTU.. Apart from that I have done exactly all that before and even flashed ubuntu recovery after. And it did not work. Could you clarify where should I get that backup from and what else should I do as I'm little confused what to do right now. Thanks.
    – Stef01
    Sep 3, 2016 at 23:05

This is how I made an OTA upgrade

  1. download the ota using the update manager on the phone (do not click on install)
  2. reboot into recovery
  3. make a backup of the current installation
  4. mount the system partition
  5. login to the phone using adb shell (or open the command line in twrp)
  6. cd into the recovery directory cd /cache/recovery
  7. check that you have the needed files ls -lh

    You should have the following files

    • ubuntu-aaa.delta-ubuntu-aaa.tar.xz
    • device-aaa.delta-device-aaa.tar.xz
    • custom-aaa.delta-custom-aaa.tar.xz
    • version-aaa.tar.xz

(instead of aaa there will be a long hash)

  1. install the update using the following comands

    tar xf ubuntu-*.tar.xz -C /
    tar xf device-*.tar.xz -C /
    tar xf custom-*.tar.xz -C /
    tar xf version-*.tar.xz -C /
  2. exit adb

  3. wipe cache
  4. reboot the system

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