I found an old SSD and decided to use it for Ubuntu on my desktop where I only had Windows 10. I installed it and everything worked fine (dual booting, that is). Turns out that the reason the SSD was lying around was because it was broken.

So I figured that I would just remove the SSD and proceed with only Windows 10 but when I remove the SSD, I can't boot at all. I get into some sort of grub rescue environment.

As they were on different hard drives, I don't understand how I could mess up the Windows 10 SSD mbr?

Any suggestions for how to get out of this?

tl;dr Ubuntu on one SSD, Windows 10 on one SSD. I want to physically remove the Ubuntu SSD and only run W10. How?

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I'm sure because ubuntu overwrites windows boot manager.

Partition or disk is the same thing, you must introduce a windows 10 CD / USB and boot it.

You can download the .iso here


Burn it on a CD/DVD or use rufus for a USB

Once you booted the windows disk/usb go to repair option, select advanced options and then command prompt and type this

bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /rebuildbcd

Reboot and it will run windows, if you want to erase the ssd just go to windows partition manager and erase all the ssd.

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