I am having a music player application which is able to play music through on board audio jack and Bluetooth headset with different asound.conf configuration.

I need the same application take different asound.conf file when i need to change the playback device.

In fact how do i change the audio playback device from my c application itlself. ?


The asound.conf file is read by the ALSA library when you open some device for the first time.

In your own application, you can call snd_config_update() to re-read the configuration files.

If you want to affect some other application that you have no control over, you have to restart it.


Actually, snd_config_update() is not actually doing what i have expected. But i have got some other configurations updated and went useful in other ways.

i am using snd_pcm_open() with my device name as one of the arguement. if in case one device fails i am calling the same function again with the other playback device and its working.

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