Maybe I'm asking how to open an executable? I'm really not sure as their documentation seems sub-par. See website for details- I've download the tarball and extracted, but there is no install script and I'm left absolutely confused. I'd appreciate some help- I've heard very good things about the program.

Thank you!


It is a little confusing, but I think I understand it well enough to help you.

DISCLAIMER: I looked through the files on WIndows, so I wasn't able to install or run it.

Opening the tar.gz file, I see another .tar file. Opening that, I see an .sh file, a Chemcraft folder and a readme.txt file.

Inside the ReadMe is this:

  To run Chemcraft, write correct paths in the "Chemcraft.sh" file (path
to the library ".../Chemcraft/lib/" and to the executable file
  Note that the Linux version of Chemcraft has some significant
disadvantages. We were unable to make it as efficient as the Windows
  Please email to support@chemcraftprog.com if you find any problems
with installation or running of Chemcraft.

From that, I gather that the script needs to be edited to reflect where the ChemCraft folder is. Obviously, to do that, you need to extract the .tar file.

Once you do that, find the Chemcraft.sh and double click it to edit.

Change the path in KYLIX_BIN="/home/$USER/Chemcraft/Chemcraft/lib" to reflect the path to the lib folder. For example, if you extracted to Downloads, it might be something like /home/YOURUSERNAMEHERE/Downloads/Chemcraft/Chemcraft/lib. Of course, this might be different, and you'll have to figure that part out yourself.

Also edit the path in /home/$USER/Chemcraft/Chemcraft/Chemcraft $1 to reflect where it should be. Follow the example above.

Save the file, then open a terminal.

Run chmod +x /path/to/Chemcraft.sh to make the script executable.

Then run /path/to/Chemcraft.sh to run it.

By the way, this is the actual program, not something that gets installed. I recommend extracting the files to a somewhat permanent location, then editing the script to reflect that location.

If you want an easy way to run it, check out how to make a .desktop file.

  • Here is what I get by doing that: jake@Bacon:~$ ./Chemcraft.sh /home/jake/Chemcraft/Chemcraft: symbol lookup error: /home/jake/Chemcraft/Chemcraft: undefined symbol: initPAnsiStrings – jnowat Aug 21 '16 at 8:17
  • 1
    @jnowat I think that's an issue with Chemcraft, unfortunately, so you'll have to contact them. – TheWanderer Aug 21 '16 at 14:00

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