I am new to Ubuntu and have just installed it on my HP envy dv6 laptop, as a dual OS alongside windows 10(I newly installed both OS's). I have 2 problems at the moment:

  1. On startup, the GRUB menu does not show. Instead it will boot into Windows by default. If I want to launch into Ubuntu, I need to press ESC key, launch boot options and launch Ubuntu from there. I have already tried disabling Fast Startup on Windows, and have re-registered GRUB in my firmware. How do I get the GRUB menu to show?
  2. The more pressing issue is that the number of Ubuntu entries that show on the boot manager keeps increasing with time. As of now I have roughly 10-15 Ubuntu entries in the boot manager (see in the picture bellow), and there is no difference in these unwanted Ubuntu options. How do I fix this issue?

Multiple Ubuntu entries pic


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I suspect your grub is configured for a "quiet" boot.

You can edit grub at /etc/default.

Run "info -f grub -n 'Simple configuration'" in the terminal to get the manual on what to change and how to get your desired effect.

Don't forget to run "update-grub" after you've saved your changes.

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