I have Acer Aspire laptop with Kubuntu 16.04 installed on it. (KDE dekstop).

Currently when I close laptop it goes into weird suspend mode. It is not possible to wake it up. Only way is to force reset.

I am looking for any way to modify event that occurs when a laptop is closed. Either via GUI or terminal.


There are two GUI ways to achieve the desired result.


  1. Per Energy Saving tab: System Settings > Power Management > Energy Saving > On AC Power (or another tab) > Button Event Handling > When laptop lid closed, and choose desired action.
  2. Setting per KDE Activity: System Settings > Power Management > Activity Settings > Your chosen Activity name, choose radio-button Use separate settings (advanced users only) and select the desired action in Button Event Handling > When laptop lid closed.

I would like to use Activity settings, because it allows to add more flexibility (of course, if you use different KDE Activities for different tasks).


Energy Saving tab
Energy Saving tab

Activity Settings
Activity settings

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