Hello :) Anyone know why I can't add those Electron apps to Favorites in Gnome Shell?

enter image description here


I've been able to make a shortcut to Franz by creating a .desktop file and registering it in dconf. There's a problem though that when the app is launched there appears and other icon and the favorite icon isn't the active one. You're stuck with two icons but maybe there's someone out there who can help on this point. Following the instruction on how to make a .desktop file I added the following lines to the file:

[Desktop Entry]

...and then copied it over to /usr/share/applications.

In dconf Editor I navigated to org.gnome.shell and added franz.desktop to the array in the manner described here, like:

, 'franz.desktop'

(mind the space after the comma)

  • I'm not sure if it's resolved my problem, but I just figured out that Electron apps should be in /opt/ folder to be able to add as favorite and fint it on dash. Thanks for the help :) – euDennis Sep 10 '16 at 18:06

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