How can I run "source activate" from a bash script as the -e argument to gnome-terminal?

gnome-terminal -e ". /path/to/virtualenv/bin/activate"

When I run this command, I expect a new terminal that has the command source activate already run. But instead, I get an error in both the current window and the newly created one: Error: Failed to execute child process "." (Permission denied)

I feel like I am making a simple oversight, or misunderstanding the -e argument perhaps.

Running the command in a bash script or a terminal window gives the same result. sudo gives the same result, so I'm thinking the permission issue indicates that I am not doing what I think I'm doing with the command above.

  • Check to see which user owns that directory and try using that user. – user447607 Aug 18 '16 at 19:49
  • same user. But this may be an XY problem, because I am expecting the window to stay open and let me use the terminal as the sourced environment. But doing gt -e "vi" gives me vi, and if i quit, the terminal closes. i may close the question – Rick Page Aug 18 '16 at 20:00

That's because the . (source) is a shell-builtin i.e. shell-specific command, not an external one. You need to run it inside shell; Without the shell, gnome-terminal is trying to execute a literal . command with /path/to/virtualenv/bin/activate as its argument, leading to permission denier error.

You need to spawn an interactive shell to do the sourcing and spawn another interactive shell afterwards:

gnome-terminal -e 'bash -ic ". /path/to/virtualenv/bin/activate && bash"'

As you trying to initiate a virtual environment, you might want to set the --rcfile option instead, cleaner approach but the obvious caveat is that the common session startup files /etc/bash.bashrc and ~/.bashrc are not read:

gnome-terminal -e 'bash --rcfile /path/to/virtualenv/bin/activate'
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