can anyone tell me how to install Bitdefender antivirus from terminal if it's possible ? I am using Ubuntu 16.04


It is possible to install BitDefender antivirus via the terminal. You need to first add the repository by doing

sudo apt-add-repository "deb http://download.bitdefender.com/repos/deb/ bitdefender non-free"

Next, get and add the repository key

wget http://download.bitdefender.com/repos/deb/bd.key.asc
sudo apt-key add bd.key.asc


sudo apt-get update

Finally install by doing

sudo apt-get install bitdefender-scanner-gui

Once BitDefender is installed you can launch it with the following command:


See the Ubuntu page on this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BitDefender.

It might happen that the packages repository won't be accessible for various reasons (e.g. The repository 'http://download.bitdefender.com/repos/deb bitdefender Release' is not signed).

The alternative is:

download and inspect http://download.bitdefender.com/repos/deb/dists/bitdefender/non-free/binary-amd64/Packages file which would contain e.g.:

Package: bitdefender-scanner-gui  
Filename: pool/non-free/b/bitdefender-scanner-gui/bitdefender-scanner-gui_1.0-3_amd64.deb  

See also Depends section, which would contain e.g.:


Download and install (with GDebi):

  1. http://download.bitdefender.com/repos/deb/pool/non-free/b/bitdefender-scanner/bitdefender-scanner_7.6-3_amd64.deb
  2. http://download.bitdefender.com/repos/deb/pool/non-free/b/bitdefender-common/bitdefender-common_3.1.2-1_amd64.deb

Once the Bitdefender is installed you can launch it with the following command:

  • Unfortunately on Ubuntu 19.04 /opt/BitDefender-scanner/bin/bdgui will crash with libpng warning: Application jmp_buf size changed Segmentation fault (core dumped). – adrhc Jun 18 at 21:43

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