I always add words to my LibreOffice dictionary (standard.dic), but I would love to make those words available to other users by contributing to the project's dictionaries. Is there a way LibreOffice can produce statistics about how often a word is added in dictionaries from users wishing to help? Or is there a project I can join to participate in the dictionaries editing?

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Libreoffice is not developed by the Ubuntu development community. This is the place to go if you wish to get involved in the development of Libreoffice:

Get involved in Libreoffice

Also Libreoffice uses Hunspell as the spell-checker. You need to research how Hunspell creates dictionaries.



The user dictionary is just for personal use. LibreOffice does not actually collect words for dictionaries, instead it just assembles existing ones. I think the best way for personal contributions is through Wiktionary from which maybe in the future additional dictionaries can be built.


The best way to add words to a dictionary, is to contact the author of the dictionary.

Check this site to see how: Dictionaries in LibreOffice.

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