I'm running ubuntu 16.04.

Let's say I want the system to run "mkdir /var/log/servicename" before starting the service (needed due to having /var/log in tmpfs).

Previously, with upstart, I edited the conffile /etc/init/servicename to add commands to it.

Now the service is being run through systemd, and the init config file for it, /lib/systemd/system/servicename is not a conffile, i.e. if edited it will be replaced on a package update.

What is the recommended way to solve this problem?


One solution that I found but don't really like:

  • Copy the package's service file to a new name: cp /lib/systemd/system/$servicename.service /lib/systemd/system/$servicename-my.service.
  • Edit the new service file: add ExecStartPre=... next to the ExecStart: sed -i "s_^ExecStart=_ExecStartPre=/bin/mkdir -p /var/log/$servicename\nExecStart=_" /lib/systemd/system/$servicename-my.service
  • Disable the old service, enable the new one: systemctl stop $servicename; systemctl disable $servicename; systemctl enable $servicename-my; systemctl start $servicename-my.

The main reason I don't like this solution is needing a file outside of /etc, which would be considered “cruft” by the corresponding tools.

Also, not extensively tested.


Correction: by documentation it should be possible to put the modified service file in /etc/systemd/system/ without renaming it. Will test later.

Another tangentially related problem: PermissionsStartOnly=yes might not work correctly.

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