The "Settings" button has disappeared from Software & Updates and it's no longer found under System Settings. If I run the Software Updater from the Dash it tells me that the Software on this computer is up to date. If I press OK it closes. There is no "Settings" option. I can't figure out how to get into Ubuntu Software, Other Software, Updates, Authentication or Additional Drivers. I'm running Ubuntu 16.04.01 64 bit. While searching for a solution, I found the recommendation that I remove and reinstall the Unity Control Centre, but that hasn't helped. I am an Administrator, so that shouldn't be the problem.


I found the answer: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop This gave me the following:

The following NEW packages will be installed: apturl apturl-common nautilus-share software-properties-gtk ubuntu-desktop

I have no idea how these got deleted, but they're back now.

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    software-properties-gtk should be enough, I think. – hisener Apr 10 '18 at 18:16
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    sudo apt install software-properties-gtk. I don't think this was deleted - it is missing by design in latest ubuntus. – user47206 May 14 '18 at 8:13

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