I am running ubuntu-sdk in an lxc Ubuntu container (due to it not being available for my host distro) and passing a Nexus 4 running Ubuntu 15.04 (OTA-12) with lxc-device add $(readlink -f /dev/android). I can see the device fine using adb devices but when I launch ubuntu-sdk, the device does not appear in the devices tab and it disapears from adb devices until I restart the adb daemon.

My guess is that ubuntu-sdk is restarting the adb daemon with incorrect permissions, is there a way to make it use the existing adb session? Or is there something else I am missing?


When the SDK is starting , it indeed does restart the ADB server. There is some problem with ADB sometimes not showing all devices without restarting it.

However your installation is not support BUT you might have a chance to change how the ADB server is starting by modifying the SDK scripts somewhere in: /usr/ubuntu-sdk-ide/qtcreator/ubuntu/scripts/device_search

Not sure if the path is correct, the scriptname definately is.

If you find a way that makes that work in and outside the container we probably even can include it.

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