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I had Linux Mint installed on a partition with size 10 GB. Since I was out of space, I tried to resize partition using GParted from Live boot. I had 10 GB unallocated space. But I failed to resize since the linux partition was out of extended partition and unallocated space was inside extended partition. So I used Clonezilla to create a partition image of the linux partition only. It's all history now. I managed to delete the Linux partition of 10GB and merged 10 GB unallocated space to an already existing partition. And then I created a new partition of 20 GB by shrinking the already existing partition.

Sorry for the long paragraph, my question is that, can I restore the linux partition image (partition size was 10 GB) created using Clonezilla to the newly created 20 GB partition? I have not backed up the whole hard disk, but backed up the single linux partition which had Linux Mint.


For your purpose, everything can be done using gparted. With the exception of / partition, any partition can can be resized in gparted by Rclick, select unmount, then resize.

Any partition (including /) can be cloned/copied to any space, of equal or greater size, by either of two methods. The most reliable method is using $ sudo dd if=/dev/sd!!! of=/dev/sd@@@ where the Input Folder/File sd!!! is the partition you want to copy, and the Output Folder/File sd@@@ is the (unmounted) place you want to copy to.

The second method [$ copy if=/dev/sd!!! of=/dev/sd@@@] is less reliable.

Invariably there will remain empty space in the output folder/file. To use it, just click on 'Partition' in the gparted top-menu, select Disks from the dropdown menu, then 'repair' or somesuch

  • I used GParted and solved the issue. Thanks. :) – La Corazón Sep 15 '16 at 17:34

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