How do I restrict the users from installing applications from being installed on the ubuntu linux machine? I have root privileges and there are three users in the ubuntu linux machine. I would like to restrict the users from installing any "web browsers" or specific web browsers from being installed. (These users have sudo access)

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    restricted sudo access I hope you mean, since with full sudo access, they can undo anything you can do as root. – ubfan1 Aug 9 '16 at 3:54

If the users have sudo privileges, it is almost impossible to restrict them from doing something unless you specify a whitelist of specific commands they are allowed to use.

If asking the users not to do something is not good enough, then look at this SuperUser SE answer for other possible solutions.


Since Google Chrome can be installed without sudo, there is no reasonable way to prevent users from running it no matter how hard you try. This may apply to other browsers as well.

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