My chromium hangs when I'm login after logout.

For example:

  1. I'm closing chromium
  2. I log out
  3. I log in
  4. I starting chromium
  5. Chromium show his window and hangs on

Of course after computer restart everything is ok.

This is fresh system installation.I am using Lubuntu.

Did someone have similar problem?

I changed my chromium theme from GTK to classic because I thought that this may be connected with GUI but that has changed nothing.

Thanks in advance!


I found solution:

sudo apt-get remove --purge light-locker

Problem is that lightLocker don't like chromium. This solution is only simple workaround. It will uninstall light-locker from your's system. In my case this solution is ok because maybe I lost possibility of lock screen but I no need to restart computer each time when lightlocker lock my screen or when I log out.

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