I want to open all text files with emacsclient. On 10.04 it used to mostly work, but on 16.04 it's completely broken:

  • emacsclient exists and works fine
  • it's missing from the "open with" menu
  • the "add" button does nothing at all
  • there are duplicates

Then I added an emacsclient.desktop entry to ~/.local/share/applications manually as found in my 10.04, but it does nothing at all.


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    Still struggling with the same. Seems nobody has a workable solution yet.
    – ReneFroger
    Aug 7, 2018 at 17:34

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You will need to add the association with text files via xdg-mime as well:

xdg-mime default emacsclient.desktop text/plain

Also, make sure you've started the Emacs server via the command M-x server-start.


mimeapps.list file is present in .local/share/applications open it and add text/plain=emacs.desktop in it so that all text files will open in emacs

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