How to undo rar archive extraction? Incorrectly extracted with 7z utility, multiple errors, dirty extraction with "unsupported method".


Remove what was extracted with the rm command. Normally I would believe you need to rm a directory and all files of the extract will be inside that directory.

A tar file itself is not removed so you can always redo the extract. Though ... what you say here probably means you have a tar file that is not complete or not downloaded correctly.

To help more we need the actual command used and error notices.

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  • The file is .rar, I tried extract it with 7z by mistake, which don't support .rar archives. It clogged the whole Downloads folder with plenty of extracted files, so its very difficult to define what files was actually extracted among other files. – minto Aug 8 '16 at 8:08
  • It will be a manual task though so I wish you luck and have fun ;-) – Rinzwind Aug 8 '16 at 8:10

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