So I found on Obs forums this browser plugin which's on github https://github.com/bazukas/obs-qtwebkit I'm a bit new to Ubuntu so I may be doing something wrong. But I downloaded the zip went to files>downloads and pressed extract here. Then I went to terminal typed in make '/home/nate/Downloads/obs-qtwebkit-master'

but it returned

make: Nothing to be done for '/home/nate/Downloads/obs-qtwebkit-master'.

So I checked the readme file and it said

"You may need to set OBS_INCLUDE and OBS_LIB env variables (see Makefile)."

Which I have no idea what it means, please can somebody help me out with this?


The instructions say

"Run make in the obs-qtwebkit directory to build the plugin."

If you unpacked the archive in /home/nate/Downloads/obs-qtwebkit-master, that translates to

cd /home/nate/Downloads/obs-qtwebkit-master/obs-qtwebkit

rather than

make '/home/nate/Downloads/obs-qtwebkit-master'

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