tablet name : Wacom tablet intuos DRAW small ( CTL - 490 )

current OS : KDE Ubuntu 16.04 ( 64 bit ) ( Hungarian )

current kernel : 4.4

problem : the wacom tablet is recognize as Joystick, but work as a touchpad, so i can draw with it, senseless, and buttonless.

the things starts with Linux MINT 17.3 KDE , but my tablet is not work at all. my linux mint friends tolds me, this error is because the linux mint uses the very old kernel . so i am jumps into another KDE distro, the kde-ubuntu 16.04 ,because this is using a new kernel. the situation is much better now, the tablet works as touch pad, and a joystick ... confusing.

in the settings window, the buttons, and ALL of the sensitive stuff is out of working. inactive. the touch pad settings is see nothing , because the "synaptics backend missing. " ... so i am unable to change anything, because ALL the setting button here is gray, inactive. sadly the half of the settings screen is english, and half is hungarian

enter image description here

how interesting is, the synaptics are already installed. the console told me, the synaptics is already the newest, up to date, version 1.8.2 ( all four zeros. )

enter image description here

the more interesting stuff is, the tablet is appears on one more tab. The joystick section !

enter image description here

of course, the tablet is NOT a joystick, and the buttons surprisely appears VERY good, its means all the buttons work fine, but i am dont know why in this way.

if the question is still not clear for you, i am very sad.

( how i can put back the wacom tablet to work normally ? )


( Tested on Linux mint 17.3 KDE )

Before build your castle, you will need some dependencies fixed.


type this into the Konsole / Terminal :

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) build-essential


Download the wacom input 32th version ( TAR.BZ archive ) with any kind of browser.

( https://sourceforge.net/projects/linuxwacom/files/xf86-input-wacom/input-wacom/input-wacom-0.32.0.tar.bz2/download )


unpack your fresh download with TAR command (go to the location, where you want to INSTALL):

tar xjvf input-wacom-0.32.0.tar.bz2

cd input-wacom-0.32.0


and now the last step, the Build and Install

go in the fresh directory ( you remember, the folder's name is "input-wacom-0.32.0" ) and type the following lines ( and BE PATIENCE ) :



sudo make install


and thats it. REBOOT the system, and after the system boots up, go, and CHECK the WACOM controll panel to be ensure the method is working ! remember, you will suffer a lot, if you enables any kind of 1 line eyefinity, or another single line multi monitor setting !

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