I have a directory of m4a files together with a single album art image named cover.jpg. How can I 'embed' this album art image into the m4a files using the command line?

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The most efficient way is to use AtomicParsley and a bash 'for' loop. Install AtomicParsley on any version of Ubuntu as follows:

sudo apt-get install atomicparsley

Then change to the directory containing the m4a files and run the following:

for i in *.m4a
AtomicParsley "$i" --artwork cover.jpg --overWrite 

And now your m4a files have the album art embedded and you can safely delete your album art image. This will work for all versions of Ubuntu...


Covers can be added with the TagEditor project:

tageditor -s cover=ju.jpg --max-padding 100000 -f ki.m4a

To remove:

tageditor -s cover= --max-padding 100000 -f ki.m4a

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