System: Ubuntu 14.04, Intel i7, 16GB RAM, GTX 980 video card (usually I run the 352 driver from Nvidia)

So, admittedly I am not very good at Linux. I updated to 3.19.0-65, which (as noted elsewhere) now requires Secure Boot. Nvidia drivers don't work with that, so I wasn't able to log in to the GUI on reboot. I was able to get the system to boot from the GRUB menu to the older 3.19.0-64 kernel in recovery mode, so I tried to purge the 3.19.0-65 kernel in hopes that 3.19.0-64 would become the new default. When I rebooted it was still expecting 3.19.0-65 and the boot failed.

So... cut to several hours later, and I've managed to use boot-repair-disk to fix GRUB and I can boot to the login screen again. I've purged all of the kernels, and installed only two: 3.19.0-64-generic and 3.19.0-64-lowlatency. I've also turned off Secure Boot in both GRUB (deselecting that option in boot-repair-disk) and in my BIOS.

I still can't get into the GUI - it shows the login screen at low resolution but when I put my password in it just kicks me right back to the same screen. Using ubuntu-drivers I can see my video card is "UNCLAIMED" and that doesn't change when I install the driver from a terminal and/or reboot. And that's only in the "lowlatency" kernel - in the "generic" kernel, it takes me to the screen where I enter the passphrase to decrypt my harddrive, and the keyboard doesn't work (no characters appear no matter what I type).

I'm really at a loss here, please let me know what additional information I can provide.

  • Disable Secure boot in BIOS. – Pilot6 Aug 7 '16 at 8:12
  • I have, it won't boot at all without that. – GodLovesUGaius Aug 7 '16 at 12:38

Found this..

"... my kernel was skipped so I manually upgraded/installed linux-image-3.16.0-24-generic. It turns out most of the drivers you need live in linux-image-extra-3.16.0-24-generic and you'll need the headers too."

Use your working kernel & run the command below *(I believe you'll need to change the kernel version #'s to yours):

sudo apt-get install linux-image-extra-3.16.0-24-generic linux-headers-3.16.0-24-generic

source: askubuntu - "No user input after upgrading to ubuntu 14.10 with linux kernel 3.16"

I think you ought to temporarily install nouveau/xserver until you find a way to successfully achieve what you initially had planned, or...

(14.04+) ..If you want to try the newest method for installing Nvidia drivers using 'graphics-drivers' PPA, then see below. It may be a bit risky.

Installing the recommended Nvidia driver from PPA

  1. Add the 'graphics-drivers' PPA with these commands:
    • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
    • sudo apt-get update
  2. Autoinstall the recommended driver with:
    • sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall
  3. Now reboot with:
    • sudo reboot

If the recommended driver does not work for you, try installing a different Nvidia driver.

(See below)

Installing other Nvidia drivers from PPA

  1. Add the 'graphics-drivers' PPA with:
    • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
    • sudo apt-get update
  2. Purge existing Nvidia packages you have installed (if any):
    • sudo apt-get purge Nvidia*
  3. Check available drivers for your system with this command:
    • ubuntu-drivers devices
  4. Install the recommended driver:
    • sudo apt-get install nvidia-361
  5. Lastly, reboot with:
    • sudo reboot

source: askubuntu - "Ubuntu 14.04 install nVidia driver"

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  • I don't have a "working kernel" but I am able to use a live USB to mount the filesystem and chroot into it as in these instructions: askubuntu.com/questions/28099/… – GodLovesUGaius Aug 7 '16 at 12:48
  • I used apt-get to install linux-image-3.19.0-64-generic, that's the kernel that won't let me type anything. I tried installing linux-image-3.19.0-24-generic but it says it can't find that package. – GodLovesUGaius Aug 7 '16 at 12:51
  • And that is the method I used to install the drivers. But the card still shows up as UNCLAIMED – GodLovesUGaius Aug 7 '16 at 12:53

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