How can I get data from Ubuntu bash to windows and vice versa. I use putty for ssh connection. How can I reach the private key fro Ubuntu Bash in windows 10 and vise versa. If I download something from the Bash how to reached from Windows 10.

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    You might get a better response on SuperUser – wjandrea Aug 8 '16 at 20:14

On Windows side you can just access the files from:


On Linux side:


Server SSH keys would thus be in:


and user SSH Keys in:


Where {user} is your Windows Username and {username} is your UNIX Username set during install.

PS. Don't go trying to delete or create files in explorer at the lxss location, that is REALLY not advised.

[edit]PPS. Great tutorial at https://sec.ch9.ms/ch9/5db6/8ee786b7-9fc5-45bf-94d0-16ea91765db6/P488_mid.mp4

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