I need to get samba to work with one Windows 10 & two the latest Ubuntu machines to file share and share two printers. Samba, Ubuntu and Windows 10 are current.

One printer is a HP & is CUPS friendly, the second is a Dell 926 which CUPS does not support and only works with windows and Dell's proprietary .exe and windows dlls. [Wine & VirtualBox are a different post.]

Three Problems [I am using "UseN-U1", "UseN-U2" & "UseN-W" as placenames for each "username"] At least one directory on each machine has been shared.

  1. Samba returns a SystemError at add user. I installed Samba on "UseN-U1" and created a new smb.conf per Jack Wallen's "Easy Samba Setup". at linux.com/learn/easy-samba-setup. [finding the Samba install doc covering multiple OS's written assuming knowledge and experience I do not have only confused.]

    On user "UseN-U1" machine when clicking on "Windows Network". Error message "Unable to access location Failed to retrieve share list from server: No such file or directory" [Documents folders on all machines have been shared] UseN-U1 cannot see UseN-U2 either.

    When I try to add either either 'UseN-U2' or 'UseN-W' users with "sudo smbpasswd -a username" I get Unknown parameter encountered: "smb password file" and several more lines ending with "SystemError: could not open configuration file `/etc/libuser.conf': No such file ... ." Synaptic Package Manager does not list such a file. Nor is it called in snb.conf.

  2. smb4k stalls at add user I installed Samba on UseN-U2 with smb4k as the front end. On this machine when clicking on "Windows Network" I see "UseN-W" and can read, write and move its files. However this only if I give "Everyone" read and write privileges on the windows machine which I consider dangerous. [I wonder if the connection is really through Samba.] UseN-U2 cannot see UseN-U1 either.

    In smb4k everything works fine until I try to add a user. With a valid username for either of the other machines and passwords set. when I click [add] smb4k freezes at that point, the add window does not close.

  3. Windows ignores both Ubuntu machines The Windows machine only sees itself in "Network" "Choose people to share with" returns "Windows unable to find 'UseN-U1' [or 'UseN-U2']" both of which obtained from "whoami." Yet UseN-U2 can see and read/write this machine?!?

I've read every post question, tutorial and manual I could find over a week and followed instructions laboriously. My wife and I are both writers for publication and I need this to work.

  • What, specifically, do you want to accomplish? It would be best to edit your question, focusing on that, and omit the biographical and other extraneous info. – Organic Marble Aug 6 '16 at 10:49
  • For example, "I wish to make my video collection on laptop A available read-only to the other laptops. And, I want a folder on each laptop that can be accessed read/write by the others." It is unlikely you need to buy a server but explaining ypur requirements clearly will get you better advice. – Organic Marble Aug 6 '16 at 10:57
  • Rewrote the whole thing. I wish it was just one error instead of three, and inconsistent with each other as well. Oh, for the 8-bit days when 16K was all the memory we were ever going to need. – user272643 Aug 17 '16 at 8:49

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