I have 2 screens: 17" on left and 22" screen on right side.

double screen

When I watch a movie with VLC and want to watch on full-screen on my 22" screen (the right one), I move my VLC window in right screen and then click on full-screen => no problem.

full-screen with vlc

BUT when using Firefox and watching streaming video, watching on full-screen is always on 17" screen (left one).

full-screen with firefox

How can I force full-screen to be on my 22" screen (right one) ?

  • Are you still experiencing this issue? :)
    – jrg
    Dec 27 '11 at 15:33
  • 1
    euh.. after checking my monitors.xml file, I ve seen that primary option was on left screen, I put it back to the right screen, reboot and finally the solution works, no more problem (till next time: I think that it is the application Mupen64 who is modifying this monitors.xml file when playing fullscreen)
    – Boris
    Dec 31 '11 at 10:39
  • What is the resolution of both screens? Dec 31 '11 at 11:58

After reading severals questions about the subject "multiple-monitors", I've found the solution.
In this answer I've discovered the existance of file ~/.config/monitors.xml. (thank you "pamar84")

So I did this:

  1. do a backup of this file cp ~/.config/monitors.xml ~/.config/monitors.xml-bkp
  2. open this file gedit ~/.config/monitors.xml
  3. this file was containing 3 configurations !!!
    So I did some cleaning:
    • I've found the configuration that I'm using and remove the 2 others.
    • also set my left screen to be the primary one.

Now with such nice ~/.config/monitors.xml file, Firefox is not disoriented anymore and have the good behavior:
- when my window is left side and I choose full-screen => full-screen is left screen
- when my window is right side and I choose full-screen => full-screen is right screen

Here is the content of the cleaned ~/.config/monitors.xml file: enter image description here

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