When I try to install the package bindfs in 11.10 it complains that it can't find the package fuse. How can I install bindfs?


This is a known packaging 11.10 bug for the bindfs package that remains unresolved.

Workaround 1. Dummy fuse package

Note that this requires a bit of fiddling, and the link below is in German. However, it does not suffer from the drawbacks of the second workaround. (Thanks to bmhm for this solution. If you can translate the link, feel free to edit this answer and include the translation here.)

[This workaround] will not interfere with any other packages. A quick and clean solution is to install a virtual package "fuse", which depends on fuse-utils.

Check my blog on how to create such a package: http://blog.bmarwell.de/2012/01/10/ubuntu-bindfs-mit-abhangigkeit-von-fuse-installieren/ (the first grey box contains the control file content)

Workaround 2. Alternate version of bindfs

You will need to find and install a version of bindfs that does not depend on fuse. For example, a .deb from a trusted source. However, it will not automatically upgrade should a new version come along. Two packages that seem trustworthy have been added to the comment of the original bug:

Download the one that matches your system and double-click it. It will open in Software Centre. Install it. bindfs will now work. (It will also appear greyed out in Update Manager from this point forward. A small price to pay IMHO :) )

Choosing a workaround

Workaround 1 requires more work, but will be upgraded if a solution is ever made. Workaround 2 requires less work, but will not be upgraded. If you pick workaround 2, you could subscribe to the bug on Launchpad, and you will be notified if it is closed.

This issue appears to be resolved in 12.04 LTS (tested in Beta 1). I'm not sure how either workaround will fare when upgrading to 12.04. Be prepared to purge and reinstall bindfs.

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