I am very disappointed with some of the features of Unity. Not being able to hide the bar or even modify it with different shortcuts (favorites in 10.04 netbook remix). I have docky installed and I would prefer to just use that. But I want to still have the system administration programs somehow. What packages would anyone recommend as a replacement for Unity?


The 2D netbook interface from 10.04 is still there. You can use it if you install ubuntu-netbook-efl-default-settings & netbook-launcher-efl (click the package names to install them, after installation there will be a new session choice in the login screen).

I don't understand why Docky would prevent you from running system administration programs?


In the background of docky I recommend you just run GNOME to give you access to all your sys admin tools.




I would say give KDE's netbook interface a try. I was very impressed with it compared to Unity.

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