I have a dual boot computer with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Windows 8.1. My Ubuntu has recently started notifying me about the 16.04 Xenial Xerus update with an Upgrade option. If I upgrade, will the dual boot remain alright without affecting the GRUB console? Has anyone tried it out?

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    So long as the upgrade goes correctly, you will be okay. – Zalgo Aug 2 '16 at 4:15
  • @Zalgo, have you tried this out on a dual boot computer? – Sinjan Chakraborty Aug 2 '16 at 20:59
  • yes, my main setup is a dual boot with 16.04 and windows 10, for when i cant run something through wine. EDIT: if something does go wrong, running the update-grub command should fix it anyway. – Zalgo Aug 3 '16 at 5:46
  • My upgrade with similar dual boot went without any problems. I think GRUB is updated after every new kernel update, which you should have had plenty if you did regular updates in the past. – Valentas Aug 5 '16 at 7:55
  • @Valentas, is the Windows partition unaffected? – Sinjan Chakraborty Aug 5 '16 at 8:01

A fresh new install is better and safer than an upgrade.


Cleaning the system with bleachbit and ubuntu-tweak and rebooting it before upgrading has always been a safe way for me.

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