I have some problems with pip, and found a solution here:

it is suggested to change a line in any of these files:

 ~/.pypirc or $PIP_INDEX_URL or pip.conf

Problem is, I can't find any of these files. Where are they located? If they are hidden, how can I make them appear with command line only?


It would be easiest to use the local configuration file ~/.pypirc as the other two options call for a little added complexity:

  1. Definition of an environmental variable ($PIP_INDEX_URL)
  2. Editing of another, more deeply nested, local file (~/.config/pip/pip.conf). This file might also be located in /etc/pip/pip.conf and in that location must be edited with the use of sudo.

The configuration file ~/.pypirc, which is a local or user configuration file, is not necessarily always present but can be created with the following command:

touch ~/.pypirc

To show this file from the command line the conventional command is:

ls -la $HOME

The -a option, or --all in its long form, reveals the hidden files. Then you can go on to edit the file as you see fit from either command line or gui...


  • touch ~/.pypirc and then what? would be useful if you added the line that would change the path – MuhsinFatih Mar 5 '18 at 10:48

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